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Established in 1991 by owner chef Nobi Kusuhara, Sushi Sasabune quickly gained fame for its unrivaled sushi experience in Los Angeles,CA.  With a motto of "No Spicy Tuna, No California roll" and "Trust Me", Kusuhara and his disciples has been serving up phenomenal sushi with a warm, delicate rice bed combined with perfectly cut fresh fish.  Striving to perfect the art of sushi, all of the fish are hand picked daily by the chefs from its trusted local and global fish purveyors.  The sauces too are homemade using their long kept secret recipe to further enhance the flavor of their creations.

To spread the philosophy of Nobi Kusuhara, chef Kenji Takahashi, his disciple, opened up Sasabune in 2006 on the upper east side of NYC.  Following the strict teachings of his master, Kenji Takahashi's omakase(chef's choice) has quickly gained the respect of New Yorkers.  Having been voted as top Japanese restaurant in NYC by Zagat and being constantly placed in the top tier listings of other media several times, it became recognized as one the best sushi restaurant New York has to offer.  

At Sasabune EXPRESS, we offer the same outstanding quality sushi at a more affordable price.  In order to attend to a wider audience, we had the menu greatly simplified and made some drastic changes to it.  Customers will be able to order ala carte or make a selection from our refined combinations as well as have something to go.  So, whether you just want something to go or just want to try the rolls that Sasabune does not offer, this is the place to be.  Come in and be awed by our sushi!