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Do you get the same fish as the main restaurant?

Yes, it’s the same exact fish in all aspect. All of our fish is hand-picked and delivered by owner-chef Kenji Takahashi straight from the fish market at Hunts Point, South Bronx.    

How is EXPRESS different from the main restaurant?

Here at EXPRESS, we offer the same outstanding quality sushi at a more affordable price.  In order to attend to a wider audience, we had the menu greatly simplified and made some drastic changes to it.  Customers will now be able to order ala-carte or make a selection from our refined combinations as well as have something to go. 

Do you take reservations?

Due to our restaurant’s small size, under no circumstance are we able to take any reservations.

Do you have an omakase (chef’s choice)?

No. We have our main restaurant to take care of your omakase needs.

Do you have anything besides sushi?

Although not extensive, we do offer salads and some sides as well.  

Why is the rice warm and why does it fall apart?

Warm, delicate rice bed is a signature of Sasabune.  It has been that way ever since Sasabune was founded back in 1991 in Los Angeles. The warm temperature and the light, airy texture of the rice creates a sort of melt in your mouth sensation which is a very crucial factor for Sasabune-style sushi.   Although it might be difficult to handle, please use your chopsticks to scoop up the sushi and eat it one bite to enjoy the most out of our sushi.  If you feel that chopsticks are hard to utilize, don’t be afraid to ask for a fork instead.

Do you carry low-sodium soy sauce? Gluten-free soy sauce?

The soy sauce we carry is our own homemade reduced sodium soy sauce by default.  This soy sauce serves as a basis for most of our other sauces/dressing.  We now carry store bought gluten-free soy sauce. 

Which fish should you put soy sauce and which not to?

When dining at the restaurant, our chefs or wait staffs will instruct you whether to put soy sauce or not. 

Do you have a liquor license? Can you B.Y.O.B?

We carry beers, sakés, and wines.  As for B.Y.O.Bs, there will be a corkage fee of $20 per bottle.

Are you able to use a gift certificate that was bought at the main restaurant?

No.  The gift certificates bought at the main restaurant is for use at the main restaurant only and vice versa.  Please be advised that the gift certificates are for one time use only and any left over amounts on the certificate will not be refundable as cash.